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Social Media Campaign

8 May

This past month for my public relations in agriculture I’ve been working on a social media campaign project for SOMO Farm and Ranch. Initially coming into this project I was a little worried as to how it would all work out. However, I knew it was right up my alley because I love social media and agriculture. I started out the project by going to to SOMO Farm and Ranch to interview someone from the company to figure out the company’s goals and key audience. Once I began to actually get into the project and started to develop my timeline I started to love it. It’s things that this that I want to do once I graduate! Within the project I am developing a hypothetical 6 month plan to integrate social media into the businesses marketing strategy. While doing this project I have come across some really cool sites dealing with social media for business purposes and just social media in general so I figured I’d take some time to share them!

Helpful/Interesting Sites




2 Mar

“we are young, we are capable, we will farm on!”

This video above popped on my Twitter timeline the other day. After watching it, I was inspired. It is so true that the youth in agriculture are the ones who need to unite and stand behind the values past agriculturalists have held. The future of this industry is in our hands, in just a little while we will be taking up the farms of our families. We as young farmers and ranchers need to remember to share our story with everyone. It is not enough to just feed and farm. We as agriculturalists need to spread the word! Agriculture is the backbone of our nation and it is time that everyone realizes it. If we don’t stand up ourselves, no one will. If we don’t tell the world our story, someone else will and I know it won’t be the accurate one. On Earth Day (April 22) they are encouraging people to take pictures and share their story via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect. and hashtag it with #FarmVoices so the world will hear what we have to say. I encourage you all do this, it is a great way to show the positive side of agriculture. Who knows maybe we could even get #FarmVoices trending!

Farmers take to Twitter

10 Feb

This weekend I’m in Phoenix for the National YF&R and Farm Bureau leadership conference. This weekend farmers from all over the nation are coming together and learning about leadership. Much of the focus has been centered towards social media and the power it has on today’s society. Today in a session they discussed how many people have been reached by simply hashtaging the weekend on twitter. I think it is amazing that we as agriculturalist are finding new and fun ways to share our story of agriculture.

As I sat in the conference room and looked around I was inspired by the amount of Young Farmers and Ranchers surrounding me. I love that the future of agriculture is a bright one and I’m even more excited to be apart of it! I can’t wait to take my place in the world of agriculture.

I’ve gotten to meet so many people each with their own story of the way agriculture has affected them. I’ve never quite understood the diversity of agriculture, but after this weekend I can really tell how important it is. It has lit a fire in me to see this industry grow and flourish. This is the industry that I love and the industry that makes our country function. Without it we wouldn’t eat. I hear a lot of talk about how farming is a lost and outdated industry and that couldn’t be further from the truth. This weekend I am learning that farming is alive and growing as ever! These farmers have Facebook, Twitter, and even some Instagram. They are online and willing to talk to consumers! So ask away! Ask Farmers your questions we’re ready to tell you our story!