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HSUS Revealed

31 Jan

Want the startling truth about the Human Society of the United States? Watch this video made by Missouri Farmers Care


I’m in shock right now. I honestly had no idea just how bad the Human Society of the United States (HSUS) was. I knew they weren’t donating to the local animal shelters and that they were trying to abolish animal agriculture, but who knew it was so bad. As people who understand what they are doing it is our job to fight for agriculture. I looked up the HSUS’s videos on youtube and almost every one of them had over 100,000 views. We’re not only letting someone else tell the story of agriculture, but we are letting people believe it! They are convincing people that farmers are abusive murderers. The HSUS has their brand plastered every where and are misinforming the country. Watching this video inspired me to do a little researching of my own. I want to be as informed as possible so I am able to defend agriculture against those who wish to end it. I included links that I felt helpful, hopefully you can get some insight so you’re able to go and agvocate too!