About Me


My name is Olivia Jaco and I am an Agriculture Communications major at Missouri State University. I never knew what blogging was until I enrolled in a Public Relations in Agriculture class here at Missouri State, but hopefully it will be the perfect way to tell my story. I’m going to use my blog to share my adventures of life finally free from of the confinements of my little town, and to tell the story of how it feels to break out of the stereotypes of an “aggie”.

Where I come from

I grew up on 25o acres of land and fields as far as one can see. I am the daughter of a farmer who would’ve rather had boys to raise as farmhands, but was blessed with two girly daughters instead. My sister and I grew up shopping, doing our nails, and constantly making trips into town. It is safe to say that neither of us was interested in tractors and crops. However, there was always a desire within me to play in the fields and roll in the mud. As I started high school I slowly began to let the country girl in me show. I joined FFA my junior year and I’ve been in love with agriculture ever since. My passion for agriculture advocacy developed once I realized how little I had known about agriculture prior to joining FFA. When my eyes were opened to just how important it is I knew I had to spread the word and inform the world its importance.

Country Scene

Exciting things are coming

I now get excited about the littlest agriculture things, simply seeing a herd of cattle grazing can make my day. I love being with my friends and pointing out to them the many things that wouldn’t be possible without agriculture. My passion for agriculture is what made me major in Agriculture Communications. I want to inform the nation about the importance of agriculture and get people to understand that agriculture is the backbone of our society. I hope one day to work in Washington D.C. on capitol hill where I can advocate for agriculture.


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