Chuck Zimmerman -AgWired

29 Apr

Wednesday in my Public Relations in Agriculture class, we got the opportunity to talk with Chuck Zimmerman, the founder of ag wired, via skype. Zimmerman started his career by doing farm radio for Brownfield Ag News. After leaving Brownfield he started doing social media. He started a blog called AgWired to talk about agriculture. Zimmerman was one of the first to start an agriculture related blog. Though it started out as companies websites, it soon became a source to the public for ag related news. Communication in agriculture is constantly changing, Zimmerman started in radio where he would only be able to do 3 minute interviews, but is now able to produce more audio than ever. He can put full length interviews online for everyone to listen to. By posting news and things on the AgWired website it allows other agriculture people to use what they’ve posted. At the start of Ag Wired no companies wouldn’t pay attention to him, but they soon realized his business was taking off. Zimmerman now manages 4 websites that generate income. Zimmerman adapted to the changing times by continuing to keep up with the times. Agriculture communications is a constantly changing business and I believe that it will continue to change in the future. I believe that more and more farmers will turn to social media and blogging to tell their stories. I believe that more and more farming apps will be created and farming will eventually become a very technologically advanced practice.

Check out the AgWired website!


One Response to “Chuck Zimmerman -AgWired”

  1. Kephart8111 May 8, 2013 at 2:38 am #

    I found Chucks talk to be completely amazing. It was crazy to hear from him how much marketing an social media has changed over the past decade. Also I found it very impressive to talk to him about the business he basically built from the ground up with one other person. Overall it was an inspirational message

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