Coming Home

12 Mar

This weekend I got the chance to return home to my small town. Coming home gave me an entirely new perspective on where I come from. Growing up I took for granted all the great things that the country life has to offer, but after having left I’ve realized how blessed I was to be raised away from the big city world.


Perhaps my favorite thing about being home is just the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere. I love the cool country breeze and the sun filled sky. Living in the city makes it hard to really appreciate the beauty God put in the sky at night. It is hard to see the beautiful stars that fill the sky when  street and city lights illuminate the sky instead. The stars are one of the most beautiful things that God created and I had missed being able to see them every night.


So many people take for granted the freedom that living in the country allows you to have. My first day of spring break I got to practice shooting my gun, which is something I’m not able to do while going to college in the city. I also got to finally ride fourwheelers with my friends again. Getting to go mudding with my best friend in the corn fields was a great way to relieve the stress of school.


I’ve also gotten to share my newly found passion for agriculture with all my friends and family back home. I’ve gotten to share with them stories from Phoenix, where I attended the National Farmers and Ranchers Convention, and from Tan-Tara, where I attended the State YF&R Conference. Being able to bring home and share my love for agriculture has given me even more opportunities to agvocate for the industry that I love.

And if you all enjoy my blog you’ll love my friends! Shes not your typical aggie check her out!


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