“It’s an ag thing”

24 Feb

“It’s an ag thing”

I’ve found myself saying this phrase now more than I ever have! People tend to ask me questions about the way I see things or the way I talk about things, to which I usually answer with this phrase.

The other day I was at Wal-Mart and while waiting in line I started talking to this man. He shared his stories of travel and his life. He asked what I was doing and I told him I was attending school pursing a degree in agriculture. When I told him this he got a spark of interest in his eye. He began to tell me all about the dairy operation that he had grown up on, elaborating on how different the dairy business is now than it was when he was growing up. He talked about the way they milked back then and compared those practices to now. I was loving every minute of it! I just stood quietly and soaked up every bit of knowledge I could. My favorite part of our conversation was when he started telling me about the cattle. He said growing up those cows were his life, the passion in his voice was unmistakeable. That’s the thing most people don’t understand, our livestock are our lives, to most they’re even part of the family. Farmers have so much love for their animals, their livestock isn’t just a way to make a living, their cows, pigs, sheep ect. are these farmers lives. Our conversation wrapped up as he was checking out, but being able to talk about agriculture with a complete stranger had made my day.

I was telling the story to one of my friends and she just couldn’t understand why I had been so excited about a simple conversation with someone I didn’t even know! I tried explaining to her but she just couldn’t understand. So I just settled and said, “It’s an ag thing.”

I believe in agriculture we’re blessed to share such a connection with people who share our same passion. I know that there are other fields who most likely share passion with others for what they do, but I feel like in agriculture we’re all one family working to provide for our country and the world. We’re connected by our love for what we do.

Most people don’t understand why farmers or ranchers wake up before the sun and don’t come home until it has gone down. But I guess the passion that we as agriculturalist share is “just an ag thing.”


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