Top 5 Facts!

12 Feb

This week my PR in Agriculture class got the opportunity to hear from a couple of speakers, one was a woman who works for PR for Ozark Farm and Neighbor, the other started a Facebook page for her work and increased sales drastically. From these presentations I took away 5 things I thought I’d share!

1) Get Online!
–> Facebook is an excellent way to get in touch, and keep in touch with customers and potential customers

2) The average age of a farmer is 52

–> I found this to be very interesting, I knew most farmers were older, but I had no idea that the earlier generations weren’t represented.

3) Post Photos

–> Most peoples eyes are attracted to pictures on a facebook page. No one wants to read a bunch of words.

4) Use humor to advertise

–> At Springfield Leather Company they use pictures of their dogs to advertise for upcoming sales! Simple things like this are enough to get someone to buy your product

5) Anyone can create and start a Facebook page

–>There’s no excuse to not be marketing your product on Facebook (FOR FREE). Facebook is a great tool for customers to see your product everyday. Keep them engaged with the company so that they feel welcome


One Response to “Top 5 Facts!”

  1. Midwestern Sass February 13, 2013 at 12:22 am #

    I was unable to attend class this last week and so I was very interested in looking at your blog post. I think that all five of those things are important. I like that they shared that anybody can start a Facebook. I think that is very true in today’s society. Anybody can start a Facebook for any reason, it is good that agriculturalists get on and create them. Business ones are important for society! The Springfield Leather Company does a great job with their Facebook page and advertising for their company. I really love the idea of starting a company Facebook. Thank you for post and filling me in on the Top 5 things from the speaker!

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